Alberto Miguel R. Solis, III


Added to my bucket list now is going back to Japan with my bros. I feel independent and free but I have to be also smart and be aware.

The International Student Exchange Program between Sacred Heart School-Ateneo de Cebu and Eiko Gakuen has celebrated its 20 years of friendship. I am very lucky to be part of the 20th batch for this exchange program.

When I first arrived in Japan, I already had a problem. I nearly lost my wallet. It was found by one of the staff in the airport who really took the effort to look me right even before we left the vicinity. I was relieved. It was actually my first time traveling alone, without my family, but with my bros. I was amazed when we arrived in Japan especially the transportation. The trains are really on time. When I first met my host brother Soma, my first question was “How did you recognize me right away?” When all of us had our dinner, most of us asked the common questions like “What is your favorite sport?” “What are your favorite games?” “What is your favorite color?” etc. After dinner, we talked, went home and finally rested. The next day, we finally went to Eiko Gauken. The school is so big – like really big. I was impressed and amazed. We had barbeque party that day and we finally met the other families – even the ones in the previous batch. We went bowling after that – another good day in Japan. The following days, we went to school. We went to shrines. We went to Yokohama. We witnessed a traditional wedding ceremony. We went to a horror booth. We rode a roller coaster. After a few days, it was finally Golden Week. On the first day of the Golden Week, we went to Tokyo. Tokyo is a big place. We went to Hachiko Shrine, Shibuya, and saw the Sky Tree. On the second day, we went to onsen. It was far from our place but it was worth it. After onsen, I finally tired sushi in Japan. It is totally different from the Philippines. On the third day, the Ono family brought me to Tokyo. I finally went up the Tokyo tower and it was so amazing. It was so high like I would want to shout “I am the king of the world!”. On the fourth day, I finally went to Disneyland. It was so fun that we went home at 12:00 midnight. Two days after that was Eiko Gauken Festival. We had to prepare the booth and had to practice our dance. After the weekend, we finally finished our mission here in Japan. The hardest thing to do here in Japan was saying good bye to our host family and brother. It was an unforgettable experience.

This is one of my goals – that is going to Japan. Added to my bucket list now is going back to Japan with my bros. I feel independent and free but I have to be also smart and be aware. I hope that the next batch will continue the friendship with the Eiko Gakuen students.