Matthieu M. Ranile


This exchange program truly made me a better person. It was truly life changing.

My experience in the International Student Exchange Program in Eiko Gakuen was truly unforgettable. I learned lots of things about Japanese culture, made a lot of new friends and visited lots of interesting places. Japan is truly a wonderful place.

At first, I thought this exchange program would only be about visiting Japan and knowing more about its culture. Yes, I learned about its culture and visited lots of places such as Mt. Fuji, Kamakura, Disneyland, Yokohama, Tokyo and a hot spring. All of them were truly amazing and breathtaking! Another thing that really stood out was the brotherhood everyone had. When I first met my host brother, Takuma Suzuki, we only talked about simple things like one’s age or hobbies. As time passed, all of us had gotten closer with each other and so we talked about anything we find interesting. Another thing that stood out was the kindness and the hospitality of my host family, the students of Eiko Gakuen, the teachers, and everyone else. My host family truly made me feel at home and treated me like I was a part of their family and they fed me delicious food! The students of Eiko Gakuen were very friendly to me, the teachers were very welcoming and everyone warmly welcomed me.

This exchange program truly made me a better person. It was truly life changing. Japan is really a wonderful place and has wonderful people as well. I would like to thank everyone that made my stay in Japan truly a memorable one. I would like to come back someday. I would like to say, from the bottom of my heart, Domo Arigato, everyone!