Jude Molen E. Odi


I was so interested to join and I was so excited to experience how it feels like to join such an amazing program.

Last December 2014, we were told that there will be an International Student Exchange Program. I was so interested to join and I was so excited to experience how it feels like to join such an amazing program. So I passed my application form, got interviewed and became one of the lucky eight students to go to Japan. As our schedule for the program drew near, we had been practicing our dances and trying to learn the Japanese culture. Finally, we left for Japan on April 28, 2015.

I was so excited to see Japan but most especially, I wanted to meet my host brother. When I was reading his profile, we have so many the same likes and interests. We both love music, sports, and girls. The first time I arrived in Japan, I was so amazed of how Japan looks like. Every building looks so big and every place is so clean. We were surrounded with so many modern technologies. My first impression with the Japanese is that they manage time seriously. So, when it comes to trains or school, etc., we do really need to be early. The time we reached Ofuna station, all of us were a bit nervous to finally see how our host brothers and families look like. I tried my best to look neat and clean. Some of us were practicing our Japanese lines. And then a few minutes later, I finally met my brother and my host family. It was awkward at first because I had a hard time trying to speak to my brother and finding good topics to talk about. The others were having a hard time too. But as the days passed by, we came very close at an instant. We keep on joking around and laughing. We were also playing video games, at the same time, talking about girls. I really felt like he was my real brother. My family is very friendly and always trying to reach out to me. They always ask me if I am tired or if I am feeling well, etc. They really made me feel comfortable at home. We also went to many kinds of places like Odawara Castle and Enoshima Aquarium. They also introduced me to many kinds of Japanese foods like sukiyaki, yakitori, takuyaki, ramen and so many kinds of sushi. One of the most unforgettable experiences I will remember is the onsen in Hakone. It was very strange and weird at first but I thought to myself that I should do this for the experience and to learn more about their culture. I never thought how relaxing it could be. We also went to Tokyo to go shopping and buy the things that we want. I never knew it was so big. Tokyo looked like New York but it is just in Asia. I got to buy so many things for me and my family. We also went to Tokyo Disneyland and it was so fun. We rode so many awesome rides. We rode like around eight rollercoasters. But I won’t also forget how it feels like to be a student in Eiko Gakuen. It was very tiring every morning because we have to walk up the hill to go to Eiko Gakuen. I also remembered joining their daily exercise when we have to remove our shirts. I just realized how physically fit Japanese people are. I also won’t forget the Eiko Fest. There were so many booths. We also got to perform our dances during the school festival. Everyone liked our coconut and stick dances. And we also learned how to play cricket in Eiko Gakuen. We did so many fun and awesome things in Japan that I will never forget.